January 2017

Ich ficke deinen Sklavenarsch

Wirst du wild, wenn du deine Herrin mit diesem geilen Strap-On siehst, Sklave? Lass deine Rosette nicht länger warten und bück dich vor mir! Du wirst dich von mir heftig durchficken lassen bis deine Arschfotze glüht! Du wirst es nur noch tiefer und härter wollen bis ich dich dabei schließlich geil abspritzen lasse. [...]

A RAW DEAL FOR A REDNECK – A 2BUX Role Play Scenario

In this role play scenario, D pays a visit to “straight” redneck man, T, who has a camper for sale. When the redneck answers the door with a hard-on tenting the front of his long johns, D sees this as as a possible opportunity for some dick. The unsuspecting, horny redneck doesn’t know what to think when D makes his move, but he turns the tables and finds away to make the sale and justify letting a man give him some much needed head. Both get more than they bargained for when unexpected pleasures are explored and D ends up sealing the deal by making his deposit deep in the redneck’s tight virgin ass. A good raw deal for both. [...]